If you’re looking to build a fantastic WordPress site on your own, always start with a solid theme. The powerful and flexible framework that WordPress offers is clearly evident with this list of themes (which is far from being exhaustive) over at WebDesignerDepot.

Or just pop over to the WordPress.org site and check out the myriad of free themes available there! The best part is that with free themes, you can try any of them on for size until you find one that fits just right.

Themes are generally offered for free or for a small fee — and offer various degrees of flexibility in their design. No matter what you decide to use for your WordPress site, we’ll be glad to offer some pointers to get you started. So drop us a line with your questions, or ask about our low monthly Platinum Plan to build a new look for your website!

Keep checking back with Imagine Media Solutions for more tips and tricks for your website!

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