Imagine Media Solutions is proud to announce exclusive services for school yearbooks and memory books! This program includes special discounts that aren’t available to anyone else! With more than a decade of yearbook-driven experience and more regional and national awards than we can shake a stick at, we’re uniquely prepared to provide the services and art that will make your memory book … a book to remember!

What’s more, because we’re independent, we have the flexibility of designing yearbooks and covers for any printing company – no matter which company serves your school!

NEW! Reserve David W. Shelton, our CEO and senior designer for your yearbook workshop!

  • Artist Rates: $300/day or $150/half day plus expenses.
  • Photoshop or InDesign class training rates: $400/day or $200/half day plus expenses.
  • Please contact us for specific policies and per diem rates.
  • These highly-discounted rates are for school yearbook workshops only.

Other useful planning information:

  • Full day = 5-8 hours. Half day = 1-4 hours.
  • Please do not have more than 3 hours travel the same day as workshop sessions. This allows for the designer to be at their peak.
  • Travel days are billed as expenses only.
  • Policies are subject to change.

Finished or Conceptual art:

  • $50/hour, billable per half hour.
  • Finished art will be a PSD file with combined layers… spine, front lid, and back lid will be adjustable if the printing plant needs to do this. Extra fees apply for a fully editable file.

For more information, please contact us!

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